Why did Japan send a strange instrument to the US?

A strange instrument has landed in a US airport after landing in Japan.

It was sent to Japan by the US in 2014, a year after Japan sent a strange musical instrument to its neighbours.

Annette Jepson says the strange musical instruments were sent to the United States to test their durability.

“We have had this strange instrument in the past,” Ms Jepsen said.

“It’s actually quite a good thing because they haven’t had a lot of time to find a replacement.”

The Japanese embassy in Canberra said it was aware of the device and would “take appropriate action to protect” it.

“It is not uncommon for a country to send a foreign instrument to another country in the hope that the country can be more efficient in dealing with it,” it said.

“The United States and Japan have a long history of cooperation in technology and are currently conducting a research programme to develop and deploy the Japanese National Instrument of Excellence.”‘

We will have to pay attention’A spokeswoman for the Australian Foreign Ministry said the device was sent because Japan was “familiar with Australian customs”.

“Japan is familiar with Australian laws and customs,” she said.

“It has received a number of other unusual items in the Australian Customs System that are not considered to be customs items and the Australian Government has taken appropriate action.”

“In this instance, we have to be aware of these things, so we will have have to assess the situation with the Japanese Government and see what we can do in the future.”


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