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An Australian-based musician, vocalist and performer has developed a new musical instrument that she calls the “coronet”.

The “coronax” is a musical instrument designed to recreate the sounds of the corona, the swirling, whirling magnetic field around the Sun that creates magnetic fields that are visible to the naked eye.

The instrument is made from recycled metal, a combination of the elements found in the coronax.

“The coronacoustic instrument is designed to emulate the coronal plasma,” Ms McLeod said.

Ms McLeod is a musician and performer, and the Coronax is a collaboration with her band, The Red Pines.

She said the instrument has been a great inspiration to her for many years.

Her band’s website is www.theredpines.com.au.

It is not clear whether she is still working on the instrument.

But it is a good example of a new and innovative approach to music that is being used to challenge conventional music theory.

As well as the coronet, the band also performs an electronic version of their original Coronacophonic Music, which is also designed to mimic coronal magnetic fields.

Mr Meecham said the Coronet could provide new insights into how the Sun works and also could provide a means of tracking the magnetic fields created by the Sun’s coronal currents.

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