Which electronic music equipment is worth your money?

The best and the worst electronic music instrument prices and trends, in one easy-to-use infographic.

It shows the best and worst instruments for each price range and the total number of sold and unsold instruments, and what each price is worth on the open market.

The price range of the average instrument sold is £6,902 to £21,082, but it can go up to £26,847 to £58,924.

The best electronic music gear is the top-end Yamaha MXR-1, the most expensive of the current crop.

This is a good thing because it’s not just a very expensive guitar, but also a good value instrument, with the cheapest models starting at £2,895.

However, the Yamaha MX-1 has a serious issue: a lack of quality.

Its £2k price tag puts it in the same category as the Yamaha FZ-1 and FZ400, but this is misleading.

The MX-2 and MX-4, which are both more affordable, are more than as good as the MX-5, but they have slightly higher price tags, and are not nearly as popular.

The Yamaha MX100 is the most popular of the three, with sales rising from just over 100,000 in 2013 to more than 5 million in 2018.

This makes it the second-most popular instrument on the market.

Its sound is smooth and well balanced, but its price tag is so high that it is worth saving it for your very first instrument.

Other instruments are priced similarly, but not nearly so highly.

The Roland TB-303 is by far the best selling instrument in the world, with a £8,700 price tag.

Its excellent sound and price makes it an ideal guitar, and its sound quality is unmatched, especially when compared to other electronic guitars.

It’s a solid instrument, and has a very well balanced and solid tone.

It comes with a solid sound-proof case.

However its price of £11,700 makes it more expensive than the Yamaha M1014, but more affordable than the Roland TB303.

Its good sound quality and price make it an excellent guitar, especially for the price.

The Korg Korg DX-1 is the second best selling electronic guitar, with more than 4 million sales in 2017.

It is an excellent performer, with great sounding sound and a great price.

It has a great tone and is also a great value, especially with its price.

This guitar has a good tone and sound, but the price of just £4,700 puts it far below the Roland DT-303, the second most popular electronic guitar.

It may sound like a good guitar, it’s only got a £5,000 price tag, but if you want a great sounding guitar with a great sound quality, then this is the one to get.

The EMT-1 Bass is another good performer, costing just £869.

Its bass sound is very good, but you may want to spend a bit more on the extra strings, which add more than a third to the price, and the fact that you need to buy an extra set of strings to get it to sound like it does.

It also costs £2 more than the $4,000 Roland DT303.

If you’re looking for a very good sounding electric guitar, this is it.

The only other electronic guitar with an expensive price tag are the Roland TR-1i and TR-2i, both of which cost a cool £5k.

Both of these are great instruments, with good sound, a solid tone, and a price tag of £4k.

The Fender Rhodes ES-6 is a solid performer, but is priced at just £749, compared to the £10k Roland DT301 and the £14k Yamaha MX50.

The sound of the Rhodes ES6 is also very good for a low price, but for a guitar with such a good sound-quality, the price tag will put it out of reach.

The Bass Pro X is a fantastic sounding guitar, costing a cool $20,000.

It boasts a great bass sound and has an incredibly rich tone, which makes it perfect for your next instrument.

However if you’re buying this for the sound quality alone, then the price tags on the Rhodes and Pro X will make you want to take a long, hard look at your budget.

The Sony M50, the best performing guitar, costs just £1,908, but that’s a good price, considering the high quality and the sound.

The M50 is the only guitar in this article that is available on Amazon for just under £2.5k, which is a great bargain, considering its cost.

It sounds great, has a solid quality, and is great for a first instrument, but as with all electronic guitars, its price will put you off buying it, because of its high price tag and its low sound quality

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