What to know about antique musical instrument insurance

A new law passed by Florida lawmakers will allow people to claim antique musical devices against auto insurers if they can show that the instrument is worth less than $100.

The bill also prohibits insurers from covering more expensive items such as guitars, pianos, and mandolins.

It was passed in response to a wave of lawsuits by consumers, many of them young, who have been left with the bill because their insurance companies failed to cover the cost of an antique musical device.

The state Senate approved the bill on Monday.

The legislation will go to the state House of Representatives for consideration on Tuesday, said Republican State Representative Steve Womack.

He said it will then be sent to Gov.

Rick Scott for his signature.

The bill will go into effect in July, and insurance companies will be required to notify customers of their right to claim a deductible of up to $1,000 for an antique instrument.

It will also allow people who have paid for their first antique musical purchase to take their claim for a new one up to 30 days.

If they still can’t get their original purchase, they will have the option of having the antique replaced with a better instrument.

This story has been corrected to clarify that the bill does not require people to notify insurers of their rights to claim for their antique musicals, but rather that insurers must notify people about their right.

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