What a time to be alive!

With a new film coming out on Tuesday, there’s plenty of opportunity to revisit old favorites, but what about a few new ones?

That’s where the musical instruments podcast (musica instrument) comes in.

In our first podcast episode, we talk with musician, educator, and composer Michael G. W. McLeod about his new album, Musical Instruments, which he recently released on the Wooten Group label.

McLellan has recorded some of the most distinctive, musical instrument-infused jazz and blues music of the past two decades.

He is currently working on his first album of ambient jazz.

He’s also an avid music educator, teaching a course on the history of musical instruments at the University of Minnesota.

In this episode, he talks about his passion for musical instruments and how he has crafted a series of albums that celebrate the rich history of music.

In this episode of Musica Instrument, we discuss the importance of musicianship and how it relates to education and the arts.

We also get to ask a question: What is musical instrument?

You can check out the episode here:What are you listening for?

Music or sound?

How are musicians supposed to listen to music?

Is there any kind of musical instrument that can’t be used to make music?

We also discuss how the instruments of today are evolving in the 21st century and what they mean for music in the future.

The show also features a new song, called “Fairytale,” and a new video by composer John M. Johnson.

We’ve also got a brand new music video for “You’re Always So Quiet” by M83 and a look at the upcoming release of the band’s new album.

Check out our previous episodes here:

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