The ‘Slow Instrument’ Is a ‘Classical Instrument’

A group of Chinese instrumental music students from the Beijing Conservatory of Music (CCM) have been awarded a $20,000 scholarship by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to further their study of classical instruments.

In the inaugural edition of the Chinese Organ Foundation Scholarship, the students will receive a total of $20.5 million for their studies, which include performing classical compositions and conducting concerts for local audiences.

“We are pleased to welcome the CCM students to the CCMF,” CCM Director Yang Zengjun said.

“These students have been very impressive in the field of classical music.”

The CCM has received a number of top-notch awards for their classical music studies.

In 2016, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra won a record-breaking 18th-place Grammy award for the classical composition of The Wishing Star, which they performed in concert in Beijing’s Wuhan City.

The CCM also won a prestigious award in 2014 for their performance of The Nutcracker in Beijing.

“This award shows that the CCMB is the first university in China to be recognized for classical music scholarship,” Yang said.

In addition to conducting concerts and performing classical works for local crowds, the CCMs students also work on their studies through the CCMM and other educational and cultural projects.

“We have students working on various projects at the CCME,” said Yang.

“I am very happy to have them as a part of our work.”

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