The Lad: Cello musical instruments

The Lad’s cello instrument was originally an invention of Louis Zamperini, a Hungarian violinist and composer who was born in 1879.

The Lad decided to put his name on the instrument because it has a distinctive, yet familiar shape and has been used in the works of many leading classical composers.

It has a string, an anvil, a hammer and a scale on one end and a harp on the other.

The instrument is played with a long, thin neck that is shaped like a crown and is about two feet in length.

The guitar is also called a bassoon.

The bassoon is a kind of instrument, too, and can be used to play an entire piece of music.

The strings are usually played on a wooden fretboard, but a brass guitar can be constructed using a similar instrument.

The music of the cello is made by taking a long piece of wood and stretching it, usually a piece of walnut, into a tube.

It is then attached to a string that goes on the neck and is pulled to produce a sound.

The string then gets attached to the harp, which is a single string attached to two strings.

In this way, the music can be heard in two directions, and it can be played at the same time.

The cello can be described as a violin with a harpsichord attached.

Its main characteristics are: the instrument is a violin that is made from wood and string, and has a hollow body and is made for playing music

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