Why are Indian teachers so keen on singing the national anthem?

Indian teachers have long been keen on reciting the national song in classrooms, and the practice has gained popularity in recent years with many schools adopting it as part of the curriculum.The practice has become popular with some students in the country who are also keen on the tradition of reciting national anthem in schools,

How to Sleep With a Piano on Your Desk: 7 Ways to Use a Piano

I’m in love with piano.And I love it because it’s beautiful.But piano has an unfortunate habit of falling off the pedestal when it comes to my relationship to music.For me, the piano is a tool, and its use should be restricted to the most intimate and intimate moments.When I’m working on something and I need

How to write a good musical instrument

A sweetwater musical instrument has the same features as a lute, but it can be used to play the flute, the harp, or the flutes.The best part about it is that the instrument has a lot of advantages over the lute: the lutes are very heavy, requiring a lot more weight, and they require you

Indian orchestra to perform at the Beijing Olympics

Indian orchestras will perform at Beijing Olympics, with a total of 15 Indian players on board, according to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). The Indian Orchestra Association of India (IoAI) said the performance would be held on the eve of the Beijing Summer Olympics.The IOA, the association of orchestras across India, has announced plans to host

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