How a bamboo musical instrument can help your business grow

Business Insider article Musical instrument insurance covers a wide variety of musical instruments.There are insurance policies covering your guitars, violins, pianos, saxophones, and more.But you can also cover a whole range of musical instrument types, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, stringed instruments, basses, and drums.There’s even a comprehensive policy for electric guitars and other electric

How to Choose the Right Instrument in Jazz Music

In recent years, the number of instruments in jazz music has skyrocketed.In fact, the genre has more instruments than any other in pop music and in classical music, according to a 2015 survey by the Recording Industry Association of America.And yet, there is one instrument that has come to dominate popular music: the trumpet.But what

The ‘Slow Instrument’ Is a ‘Classical Instrument’

A group of Chinese instrumental music students from the Beijing Conservatory of Music (CCM) have been awarded a $20,000 scholarship by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to further their study of classical instruments.In the inaugural edition of the Chinese Organ Foundation Scholarship, the students will receive a total of $20.5 million for their studies, which

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