Germany’s Musical Instruments: The Homemade Musical Instruments

Here is a short list of homemade musical instruments and their origins.If you have a musical instrument that is not listed, please share it in the comments. A couple of things I think people should know: 1.All instruments are handmade, not imported.2.If you have an instrument that you want to donate to a charity, please consider

“Hindi song: Maha Bhajan”

Hindi song: “Maha Bhavans” (Aha!)This is a song from the Hindi film Maha Bharan (A Little Girl in Love), which is part of the Bhagavad Gita series.It is an instrumental piece by singer-songwriter Manoj Bhattacharya that is also a folk song.Manoj wrote it with the help of composer Shailendra Kaur.The song is performed by the

What a time to be alive!

With a new film coming out on Tuesday, there’s plenty of opportunity to revisit old favorites, but what about a few new ones?That’s where the musical instruments podcast (musica instrument) comes in.In our first podcast episode, we talk with musician, educator, and composer Michael G. W. McLeod about his new album, Musical Instruments, which he

Can music be a tool for social justice?

Musical instruments can play an important role in the fight against poverty and inequality, as they are a tool of communication and expression.But are they also a weapon in a culture war?A new article explores the music and performance of the indigenous people of the Andean country of Ecuador.Al Jazeera’s Jonathan Tait reports from the

How to Make a Chill Instrument with an 80s Theme

A chill instrument is one that has an instrumentation of 80s style and is played by someone who knows the basics of music.Here are the steps to making your own chill instrument.1.Get the materials you want to make your own instrument.The materials you’ll need to make a chill instrument are: a piece of wood or

‘We Are the Best’ at ‘America’s Got Talent’: It’s All About The Musical Instrument

On Tuesday, the NBC talent competition show “America’s GOT Talent” debuted its 10th season with the musical “We Are The Best,” a parody of the hit American Idol series.The show’s creators, NBC’s Mark Burnett and Mark Cuban, chose the song from the “American Idol” soundtrack for the show’s upcoming season, which premieres on Tuesday.The song,

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