‘Music and a great idea’ is the reason why people have been buying guitars

A man from Mumbai is buying guitar parts, which is why he is getting a lot of calls.

His father, the builder of a guitar workshop in Mumbai, has been asking his son to take a part from the workshop.

“I am not interested in buying it myself.

But I am giving it to my son for free,” says the builder, who asked that his name not be used.

The father, who was not available for comment, was approached by the Times of India who said that he has heard that some of the parts were getting sold.

“It is a good idea.

It is a great way to give people a piece of the puzzle.

People are buying guitars and getting a piece.

I do not know what will happen to the rest of the guitar.

I want to buy them myself,” says Vijay Bhandari, a father-son builder.

The shop is owned by Vijay, who had bought his son a guitar in 2008.

“In his childhood he was a student of classical music, and he got the idea to buy his son some parts.

He has been thinking about it ever since,” Vijay says.

The father is looking to raise Rs 10 lakh for the parts.

“I have always been fascinated by guitars.

My father had a workshop in his hometown.

I was born in Maharashtra and grew up in Nagpur.

I grew up with the guitar in my room and learnt all about it.

I did not know that a lot were made in Maharashtra, and there was a lot going on,” Vijey says.

He had also bought the parts of the instrument from a local guitar shop.

The parts are made from mahogany, mahogony rosewood, maple, walnut and cherry.

The shop also sells parts for a wide range of instruments.

The man has a collection of guitar parts from his father, and his father says that the father is getting all kinds of compliments for his work.

“Some of the customers have said that they are so pleased that I have bought their guitar.

They have come and bought parts for their guitars,” says Rajan Jha, owner of the workshop in a residential area of Mumbai.

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