How to use a microphone in the classroom

You don’t have to use your hands when you’re teaching jazz or classical music to get the best out of your students.

In fact, the best way to get them to listen is by using their ears.

But it’s best to do so with a microphone, rather than a guitar, if you want to get their attention.

How do you use a mic?

First of all, your student will probably need to hear you talking.

It might be good to listen to them talk in the hall.

You can then get them going by using a microphone at the right time.

When you want your student to start singing, put your microphone on the end of the string you want them to start.

Put your ear to the string.

If you are recording on a phone, put the microphone in a room where your student can hear you.

If the phone is connected to your computer, you can set it to record on your computer and then listen to your recording.

This way, you get your student singing in the right room.

If it’s a live performance, you might also need to use the microphone during your performance.

To use the mic, you have to be standing over your student and have them listen to you speak.

You should also be standing in the exact place your student wants to start their song, for example in front of the piano or guitar.

You might need to set the microphone so that it is on the right side of the table when the student starts their song.

You want your microphone to be in the same spot the student is sitting so they can hear your voice.

If your student is playing the piano, put it on the far left side of your desk so that they can’t hear your music.

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