Instrument music in Mexico is a mixture of various traditional musical instruments and modern electronic sounds, and is often played in a variety of genres, including the reggaeton and jazz styles.

The Latin American countries of Chile, Colombia and Peru have traditionally had a strong indigenous population, with music from the area a key part of their cultural and spiritual identity.

This has meant that the instruments have become an important part of many indigenous cultures and music traditions.

Here are 10 instruments that have a Latin American connection.


Chacma The chacma is an instrument of the Spanish conquistadores of the 15th century.

It is an ancient Mexican instrument that has been played by various indigenous groups in the region for centuries.

It consists of a broad, square-shaped body made of leather or wood and often decorated with beads and beads of various colors.

It was originally made from a combination of cotton and sheep hair and was traditionally used as a musical instrument.


Mephéménocán Mephénocán, also called the drum, is a Spanish-built percussion instrument made of wood.

It first appeared in Mexico during the 16th century, when the Spanish invaded the region, but by the late 18th century the instrument had been adopted by a number of Mexican bands.

It has been a part of the national repertoire since the 1930s.


Quemada Quemada is a large, circular wooden instrument that was originally a flute, but has evolved into a clarinet, guitar, harp and percussion instrument.

It can be found in many countries, but most commonly in Central America and the Caribbean.


La Caravelle La Caraello is a Mexican-made percussion instrument that originated in the late 19th century in the states of Mexico and Oaxaca.

It plays in a wide range of genres and is a traditional instrument in Mexico.


Nueva Espanola Nueva Elbeola is a small wooden instrument similar to the Nuevos Bellas.

The Nuevo Espanolas are a family of instruments made of soft clay, which are used to play and sing songs.

It uses different instruments, including a brass guitar, a stringed instrument and a trumpet.


Pueblo de Guadalupe Pueblo De Guadalupes is a wood-stringed, brass-electric mandolin that was first played in Mexico in the 1660s.

It later became a popular instrument in the United States.


La Paz de los Águiles de Cuenca La Pazo de los Artefacts de Cuernas is a piece of wood-bodied, wooden percussion instrument manufactured in the early 1900s by the Mexican manufacturer Guadalajara.

It became a hit in the U.S. and became a favorite with jazz musicians and the young generation of musicians.

It continues to be used by both Mexican and American musicians.


Navegado de la Frontera de Nuevaria Navegon de la Fragmenta de Nuestra Familia, or the Navegran de la Nuevea, is the Mexican-born violinist Guillermo Naveguera’s most popular instrument.

Naves are made of hand-carved wooden pieces that are used in the orchestra, symphony, symphonic, and other musical instruments.

Noves are made from pieces of string that are attached to a wooden base that is made of recycled materials.

The strings are tuned with a brass-acoustic horn that produces a gentle tone.

Nades are made by using wood fragments that have been turned into a bowstring.

The instrument is made with a single bowstring, which is usually attached to the string by two string clips that are connected to a rubber-tipped handle.

Nieves are made using the same techniques as the violin.


Máximo de las Américas de Chihuahua The Chihuahuas are the indigenous people of Mexico.

They are descended from a group of native Aztecs who migrated from Mexico in 1846 to Central America.

They live in a small, isolated village in Mexico City, and have been known to make their own instruments and instruments of different cultures.


Día de los Muertos Día de las Muertas is the Spanish word for dawn, meaning “to go forth”.

It is a term that means “to take up new endeavors” or “to find new ideas” and is usually used in conjunction with other terms that express excitement.

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