How to play a wedding instrumental piece with a guitar

Greetings from the epicentre of Indian music!

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s milestone, your love life, and your future!

So get the music started with a piece of traditional Indian music that has been playing for millennia!

Here’s how: 1.

Play the traditional Indian piece: “Nama,” which means “from the sky” in Hindi.

Learn to play it with a violin or guitar.


Relax: sit in front of a beautiful fire, listen to the gentle music, and sing along.


Get the music in your head: sit down and play it out loud with your loved ones.


Enjoy the sound: Listen to the piece for a while and feel the warmth in your body and heart.


Practice with a partner: play the piece with your partner and share the feelings of the music.

This kind of dance can be an intimate way to reflect on the importance of love and commitment to each other.

Learn more about traditional Indian wedding music.


Dance with a friend: bring a friend along for the journey, and listen to your friend sing along with you.


Have a meal and share with a family member: eat with your family, enjoy dinner together, and share a meal with your friends.

Learn about traditional wedding music for a meal, dinner, or dessert.

Learn how to do it at home.

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