How to buy a new guitar

The music industry is in a panic after a major company stopped stocking guitars, and the government has called for action against a handful of guitar manufacturers.

The Guitar Museum of New Zealand is a popular destination for new guitars and has been selling its wares for over 30 years.

But it has been shut down, and now it has to go on the run.

The government’s department of the arts and cultural affairs says it was notified by Guitar Museum NZ that it was closing its doors.

It is looking into the situation, but has not released any further details.

The department says it wants to know what steps the company is taking to make sure its business remains viable.

The music industry’s troubles are far from over.

The government has announced it will introduce legislation to ban “the sale of musical instruments and accessories that are of a particular musical character” by April 1.

In response, Guitar Museum CEO Paul Southey says the company has a policy of not selling instruments of a specific musical character, and that he has “zero tolerance for any type of illegal activity”.

He says the move is necessary because of “growing threats to the integrity of the music industry”.

Guitar Museum NZ managing director Peter Hogg said the decision to shut down the company had been made by a board that included some members who were previously at Guitar Museum.

Mr Hogg says he would like to see the law changed to make it easier for people to buy new instruments.

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