How Russia’s military is preparing for the 2020 Winter Olympics

Russia’s armed forces are preparing for their biggest-ever Olympics with a $2.2 billion budget for an Olympic village, an Olympic stadium and an Olympic arena, according to a report by The Hill.

The U.S. Olympic Committee is expected to announce its decision on hosting the 2020 Olympics by the end of this month, with a decision expected by March 2020.

Russia has yet to make its bid for the games.

Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov said the government is working to prepare a village, including a “new” stadium, a new arena and a new Olympic arena.

The stadium is expected cost about $1 billion, while the stadium will cost about half that.

The government is also preparing for an international festival, including an exhibition of modern military equipment, the report said.

Russia also plans to host an international soccer tournament for 2020 and a major football event for 2020, according the report.

“Russia has decided to host the 2018 Winter Olympics in the former Soviet Union,” Konashev told the newspaper.

“It is possible that the Games will take place in the Russian Federation, and it will be a unique event.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense also has announced plans to spend about $600 million on a new training facility and a training camp for military personnel in the country.

The ministry also plans a new military base in the Black Sea city of Sevastopol and plans to send a team of young Russian athletes to the 2022 World Cup.

“We are preparing our soldiers for a life in the Olympic village and we are preparing the military for the next Olympic Games,” Konhashenkov told the Interfax news agency.

“These preparations will be made possible by the cooperation of the federal government, and by the Russian government.”

Russia has said the Olympics will take about 20 years to prepare for, but it has not said when the games will take to the fields.

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