How I Got My Spanish Musical Instrument, ‘La Pancha de Cinco de Mayo’

I’m an avid musician and composer, but I’ve never been able to get my hands on a Spanish musical instrument.

When I started studying Spanish literature at university, I was surprised to find that I had no clue what the word “pancha” means.

“Pancha,” I discovered, was a Spanish word meaning “music.”

“Pança,” I soon discovered, meant “music,” and it meant a musical instrument like a flute or harp.

After a while, I found myself making my own flute instruments, which I learned to play from a flutist friend who had a collection of Spanish flutes and clarinets in his collection.

It took me years to figure out the fundamental sound of flute, and the way the flute vibrates, which allowed me to make my own instruments that had a different rhythm and feel than the standard flute.

In fact, I started making music that sounded more like flute than flute: It was all about rhythm and melody.

I made music that was about singing and singing and playing with a flutes.

I found my own way of playing the flutes, too.

When the Spanish Civil War broke out in the late 20th century, I joined a leftist political group, and one of the members was an artist named Carlos Perez, who had an amazing collection of flutes from Spain.

When his collection was confiscated, Carlos asked me to bring back some of his instruments and teach him to play them, and he became one of my musical heroes.

It’s important to note that Carlos was not a musician, but a poet.

I have to admit, his work is beautiful.

The flutes I bought from Carlos were his favorite instruments.

And while Carlos was a poet, I had never really listened to music until I discovered Carlos Perez.

The Spanish flute I bought for Carlos was his favorite instrument, and I think he’s still playing it today.

So, for Carlos, I bought a Spanish flutemaker.

That was my first musical instrument, a flutter flute made by Carlos, who is a fantastic musician.

And that’s when I realized that I was actually a good musician, and that I should start making music for other people.

I started creating music and conducting music concerts for a few friends.

I also got into music and writing and performing with a small band.

At first, I made a few flutes with the flutemakers I had purchased from Carlos, but after a while I started playing and conducting and writing music.

I realized I could do anything with music, and it wasn’t a big deal.

But in 2006, I went to the European Congress for Cultural Studies, and after being introduced to the ideas of cultural Marxism, I decided to create my own musical instrument that would be part of the European Left.

That’s when the music and flute came together.

In 2008, I founded the band I Am La Panchola de Cine (I Am La Cinoco de Mayo) with my friend, and we formed the band La Cintra de la Lucha, a Spanish dance group that played in front of crowds.

The group played in the streets of Madrid and Barcelona, and at some point, we got the opportunity to record our first album, La Lucha.

We released it in 2009, and then the next year, La Cincha de La Luchas was born.

The band also played in concert halls around Madrid and the Catalan region, and in 2015, they played in Lisbon and Paris.

And then in 2018, I became the first Spanish-language musician to perform in the United States.

The success of my new music is part of what made me leave the music industry and become a musician myself.

I began to see that my music was actually part of an ongoing struggle that was happening all around me: in politics, in media, in academia, in every corner of my life.

I was looking for something to challenge and change, and my music offered that.

And so I started to play more instruments, and eventually started creating my own percussion instruments, too, in hopes of challenging the music mainstream and becoming the “new” Spanish-American music artist.

That inspired me to create a percussion instrument called the Diceto de Cinta (Diceto of Cintas) that is an instrument that is made from a piece of paper.

I wrote a book about how I invented this instrument, called “La Dicetas.”

That book has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and German, and is available for free on

That book also has a DVD, La Dicetea: The Musical Instruments of the Spanish Revolution, which is available on Amazon for a limited time.

In addition, I also have a book called La Cinsamiento (Cinacas), in

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