Fender Musical Instruments: Are you a musician?

The popular electric guitar is getting a new name.

Fender is changing its name from the “Fender” to “Ferrari,” the company announced Thursday.

The move is part of a strategy to become more synonymous with the company’s iconic instruments.

“We’re really excited about this move,” said Fender founder John Fender.

“The name Ferrari will be a part of Fender’s identity and the name Ferrari is a powerful and iconic name for the company.

It will be able to provide the right blend of authenticity and innovation for Fender fans, and it will be more fun to play.” 

In 2015, the company introduced a line of “Fergies” designed to evoke the spirit of the car.

“Fiori” was the name given to the cars before it was renamed the “Grossman.” 

The company’s Fender “Fiat” line of instruments is now available in three models: the Ferrari F1, F1 Grand Touring, and F1 Super Touring.

The new F1 will feature an Fender-designed body, an integrated amplifier, and a dual-buss bridge pickup. 

Ferraris F1 was introduced in 2013 and is now the only Fender instrument to feature a bass guitar-style neck pickup, a bass drum-style bridge pickup, and three separate pickup styles: a humbucking pickup, bass hum, and bass hum. 

The F1 Touring model is a more affordable option, featuring a new Fender Bass Drum pickup, two-way volume and tone controls, and the same pickups as the F1 and the Touring F1. 

It also features a dual volume and a bass hum pickup, along with an 8-band EQ. 

For 2017, Fender will add the Fender Special Touring to the lineup. 

“The Fender F1 Special Tourning guitar is a guitar with a very unique feel and a powerful bass,” said Mike Fender, the CEO of Fenders Guitar Company.

“It has a unique shape and looks with its unique neck design.

The Special Tournings are made to be the perfect gift for a musician or a professional, and they’re also perfect for beginners.

It’s an incredible guitar that will satisfy even the most discriminating guitar player.” 

Fender Fender Super Tourning guitars are available in two different finishes: Gloss Black or Black Chrome. 

A few months ago, Fenders began rolling out a new guitar model called the F-15, the first of a new generation of F-series guitars.

The F-Series guitars were introduced in 1997 and were available in either a rosewood body, a maple body, or a titanium body. 

On March 4, 2018, F-5 and F-10 models will debut in the US. 

Last year, Ferrari announced plans to launch a new model called “F-series,” a line that will combine the F Series guitars with F-models. 

This year, Ferrari also unveiled a new “S-series” of Fords, including a “supercar” model called F-30. 

 F-Series models will be available in both black and silver finishes, with black and gold accents. 

Read more about F-cars in the Fiorini 2017 news release.

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