Baby musical instruments and classical instrumental instruments are popular for peaceful instrumental musicians, says researcher

Baby musical instrument and classical instrument music have long been a favourite genre for peace and harmony musicians.

“They are very popular for peaceful instrumental music.

They’re very easy to play, so they’re great for kids,” said Fiona Martin, a research fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Music.”

They’re very accessible and they can be played by kids, which is a plus.”

Baby musical instruments can be learnt by children, too, and many musicians in Australia are able to teach their children how to play them.

Dr Martin is studying baby musical instruments with her colleague Dr Andrew Lister.

They are often played by children as part of the family’s musical enrichment.

“There’s an element of having a child play these instruments in the home for a number of reasons,” Dr Martin said.

“One is that they’re easy to learn for a child to play and they’re fun to listen to, as well as they’re very relaxing.”

The other reason is that babies are more than capable of playing them in the bedroom, which can be a source of peace and calm for those who are struggling with anxiety.

Dr Martin said she has also studied how babies’ playing skills translate into their music.

“I’ve found that they play different kinds of music differently from each other,” she said.

The findings have been published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, which was published on Friday.

The study looked at children aged 3 to 18 years old and asked whether they were willing to learn a baby musical instrument by playing it.

“We’re interested in learning how baby musical performance affects their music learning and we’re interested to see how this influences their behaviour,” Dr Lister said.

Dr Lister and Dr Martin conducted a number, but not all, of their studies with children aged between three and five years old.

“For those who were younger than that we found a lot of very different types of music,” Dr James said.

They then asked the children how often they were able to play the instrument, and whether they thought the music was pleasant.

“And we found that when children were able play it, they thought it was really enjoyable,” Dr John said.

What’s more, their findings suggest that babies’ ability to play these baby musicals is influenced by their temperament.

“Babies are really good at understanding the musical instruments that they are listening to, and they understand that there’s a melody to the music and that the melody is really important, and so they learn it in a way that is very pleasurable,” Dr Paul said.

The findings suggest babies’ responses to music can change over time, too.

“The music that they learn is going to be more of a pleasurable experience to them than the music that’s more of an unpleasant experience,” Dr Johnson said.

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