A record shop that can take care of your favorite records

An award-winning music instrument store in Florida is about to start selling its own copies of records.

Museum Music in Florida opened in January as an experiment to sell copies of old vinyl records and record jackets.

The idea was to sell records in the store and get feedback from customers, says museum curator Lisa Mascarelli.

She says they’ve already had positive feedback from patrons who were excited to try out the store, and that there were some complaints about not being able to take their copies of albums and CDs.

The new store, located in the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds, is also a music store, with a full range of music CDs, cassettes and vinyl.

Mascarellis daughter is a certified musicologist and she said she hopes the new store will help people find their favorite albums.

She says the idea for the store came after her son asked her to look for a record store that could take care a records that he had lost.

“My son asked me, ‘Do you have a record collection?’ and I said, ‘I have a bunch of records and I’m trying to find something to put them in,'” she says.

Moscarelli says she wanted to start her own record shop and thought it was a good idea to get the equipment and supplies that she needed to create a business, so she got the help of a local record store owner.

The store sells both vinyl and CDs, and also sells some CDs that come with an album.

Mascis son said he likes the idea of a record shop where he can buy records, but she says the business model will work for the family as well.

“The family is a business and they want to make money,” she says, “so we’re trying to figure out how to do that.”

Mascis father, Jim Mascari, has been collecting music for 40 years and says he is proud of his son’s new business venture.

“It’s great,” he says.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever had an artist as successful as [Jim] get to start his own business.”

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