A group of DIY musicians are creating music instruments using scrap metal from Craigslist

CRAIG NELSON/AFP/Getty Images The idea for this little-known project came from a group of music lovers who had discovered Craigslist ads for old musical instruments.

The ad was posted in December, but the group had no idea that they were making a musical instrument.

They made a few notes, and soon discovered that some of the instruments they had purchased from Craigslist had broken and were unusable.

“We had to come up with a solution for our broken instruments,” says the band’s lead singer, who asked to be identified only as K.T. The idea to make a musical object out of scrap metal was born, and it’s been a busy couple of months.

The group has recorded a few tracks and is planning a tour to raise money for the band, which is gearing up for a new album.

“I started to think about how this could be a way to create a community of people to share ideas,” K.R. says.

The band was inspired by the idea that “we could use our art, our music, to help change the world.”

So, they decided to take some of their old instruments and turn them into instruments.

“This is a very different way of making instruments,” KT. says of the project.

“It’s an artistic way of creating art.

The end goal is not to make anything that’s going to be commercially useful, but to make something that’s not going to take forever to make.”

“The end goal was not to produce anything that was going to go anywhere.

But to use the parts of the old instruments as a means to do something more positive and helpful to people.”

The band’s website has a video about their new project, which features some of K.P.’s older instruments.

It’s a fun way to look back at the band in the past, as the group was in a band before they became an indie band.

“What’s interesting about this project is that it’s an exploration of what the DIY movement could look like,” KP. says in the video.

“The DIY movement, as we understand it, is a way of connecting with the world through creativity and invention.

This is a community-building project, where we can bring a community together and do something positive for the world.

We want to create something that is meaningful for the people who live in that community.”

K.K. says that in the group’s future, they plan to use parts of their instruments for other projects.

They plan to have a live performance in the spring.

“These things are going to keep getting used for other things,” KK.

K says.

“Hopefully, someday, they’re going to come in use for something bigger.”

They plan on going to the University of Kansas, where K.B. is a music major, in the fall to try to become a professor of music.

“They’re going the extra mile,” KB. says with a laugh.

“There’s a lot of things they could do with it.”

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