How to get the most out of your music video clipart video: 10 tips

On the eve of his 60th birthday, Kamau, the son of the country’s most famous violinist, was honored by the Japan Academy of Music for his work in the field of music video, which he has done for more than 70 years.The video, titled “Instrumental Music,” shows Kamau playing the violin with his father, who

How a Chinese piano player’s unique style inspired the modern instrumental genre

Chinese pianist Wu Yijun has spent years perfecting his signature sound, and he’s become a pioneer of modern instrumental art.Now, Wu is sharing his incredible story with the world through a new music video that premiered at the 2017 Shanghai International Piano Festival.Wu plays a unique instrument called the Calliope, which uses his hands to

Why did Japan send a strange instrument to the US?

A strange instrument has landed in a US airport after landing in Japan.It was sent to Japan by the US in 2014, a year after Japan sent a strange musical instrument to its neighbours.Annette Jepson says the strange musical instruments were sent to the United States to test their durability.“We have had this strange instrument

How to play a wedding instrumental piece with a guitar

Greetings from the epicentre of Indian music!A wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s milestone, your love life, and your future!So get the music started with a piece of traditional Indian music that has been playing for millennia!Here’s how: 1.Play the traditional Indian piece: “Nama,” which means “from the sky” in Hindi.Learn

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